Client: Efficacemente
Industry: Coaching / Elearning
Agency: Dodicidi
My Services: #UX, #AI, #GAMIFICATION
Design Tool: Figma, Marvel

Efficacemente app is the the mobile version of the famous italian blog about personal growth
I dealt with the UX design of the interface of the entire app, starting from a huge benchmark among dozen of competitors and comparables apps.  The first phase of design process was the definition of the architecture information and the related flowchart
Then I studied the interface structure of the main sections and pages, all the interaction schemes and the navigation pattern through wireframes and prototypes.
After a few test cycles, my prototype was approved and a designer of Dodicidi studied the UI interface and the related design system.
Efficacemente Flowchart

Efficacemente APP Flowchart

Wireframe of the homepage app

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